Personalised to your lifestyle

Neighbourhoods tailored to your needs

Liveable provides a detailed breakdown of a neighbourhood taking into account what's important to you.

For example, you might be looking for a place close to work that is still within a stone's throw away from restaurants, cafes and bars, without breaking the bank.

Liveable will match your preferences and suggest areas that best suits your needs.

You can explore the neighbourhoods into more detail and find out more about the neighbourhood's characteristics.

You can also find listings in that neighbourhood that matches your criteria within Liveable (in selected cities).

Liveable helps you find trendy places to live personalised to your lifestyle.

What's important to you?

If you want to live near work and near trendy restaurants/bars, let us know. Otherwise, adjust your preferences to what suits your lifestyle best.

Smart whiz-bang gnomes do their thing

Our algorithms score neighbourhoods and rank them based on what you said was important to you.

Personalised recommendations

Your ideal neighbourhoods are listed. Drill-down further and view properties in the area. It's all free!

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